For over a quarter of a century, The Page Parkes Corporation has been highly acclaimed throughout the world as being the largest and most instrumental modeling and acting corporation in the Southwest United States for launching of actors and models careers into the industry circuits. Page Parkes opened in April 1981 to break ground on the soon-to-be powerhouse modeling school and agency network that exists today.

Page, realizing early on that she had that uncanny knack for spotting talent in the most unlikely places and in the most unlikely people, started by studying at the American School for Fashion Merchandising in Switzerland. Now, the Page Parkes Corporation is known worldwide for their keen instincts for discovering, developing, and catapulting new talent to stardom.

Supported by a one-of-a-kind, hand-picked and smartly trained staff, Page continues to ensure the system of ethics, scruples, and the morally sound way of conducting business that remains the cornerstone of the corporation.

With well-known names like Alexis Bledel, Channing Tatum, Angelina Jolie, Hilary Duff, and Katie Moore, Page Parkes has remained one of the most instrumental and influential voices in the modeling and acting worlds.

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